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September 6, 2019

It's the end of an era and with an extremely heavy heart, I'm announcing that NRT Radio Network is no longer broadcasting.

When I launched the NRT Radio Network, it was in the midst of a radio climate that was seeing massive consolidation, tighter playlists and genres forgotten. The radio listeners I spoke to were frustrated, board and overall uninspired by Christian music and I knew that had to change. Christian radio was only providing a small snapshot of what the entire industry had to offer and yet, it was the main medium that listeners were being exposed to Christian music.

Our mission was simple: break all the rules! We played singles for no more than 3 months (the current #1 radio single has sat at the top of the charts for 58 weeks and counting...ugh). We added dozens and dozens of songs every month (the average FM station adds 2-3). We went deep into albums and kept the playlists large, vibrant, fresh and new. We took on no advertisers and kept our stations commercial, DJ and share-a-thon free. We payed no attention to genres. If it was a great song, we played it.

And it worked. A lot.

But times are changing. The small broadcasters agreement was not renewed in the U.S. congress in 2015 and recently, our licensing and royalty provider went out of business with zero notice leaving us with little options: Pay an exorbitant amount of money for direct licensing or transfer ownership to a non-profit. We've since been scrambling for a solution that worked within our model, but just kept coming up short.

Sometimes, God just closes the door.

So, we've made the incredibly hard decision to stop our broadcasts and move to currated playlists. So we're not going anywhere.

As founder of NewReleaseToday, the largest Christian music site online, the passion behind NRT Radio will continue to exist. We've created exclusive playlists that mirror the music we were playing on our stations. Spotify is live now and Apple Music playlists are coming soon.

Our mission remains: Expose as many people as possible, to as much Christian music that we can find. We'll continue to do so through any medium available to us, and as the years go on, those will change and we will adapt. We hope you'll stay with us! We'll continue to introduce you to music worth your time that you won't hear from other radio stations.

From the absolute bottom of my heart, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING. You have provided so much joy to this "small broadcaster" that will continue to work hard for all artists and all levels, and, ultimately, for you, the Christian music fan.

God bless and we'll talk soon!

Kevin McNeese
Founder, NRT Radio Network

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