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Song Submissions
Due to the large number of submissions we receive, we are not able to guarantee a response.
If your song is chosen as an add to any of our stations, we will let you know.

  • NRT Radio One (All Genres) one at nrtradio dot com
  • NRT Radio Worship (Praise & Worship) worship at nrtradio dot com
  • Worship Lab Radio (Indie Worship) worship lab at nrtradio dot com
  • NRT Radio Remix (Dance/Electronic) remix at nrtradio dot com
  • NRT Radio Rewind (Classics) rewind at nrtradio dot come
  • NRT Radio Urban (Rap/Urban) jamthehype at nrtradio dot com
  • NRT Radio Positive (Pop/Rock) positive at nrtradio dot come
  • NRT Radio Christmas (Seasonal) christmas at nrtradio dot com

    Program Syndication
    Interested in having your program or segment syndicated on one or more of our stations?
    Email info at nrtradio dot com for more information.

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